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peddapuram maridamma temple

Peddapuram maridamma jhatara is very famous in east godavari.

peddapuram town history

The town Peddapuram is founded by Maharaja Vatsavai Pedda Pathrudu. For 300 years the estate of Peddapuram was ruled by Vatsavai Jagapathi Maharaja’s . The dynasty was started by Sri Raja Vatsavai Chathurbhuja Thimma Jagapathi Bahadhur . The fort of Peddapuram was built by him. He ruled the estate from 1555 to 1607. After his demise, his son Raya Jagapathi followed by his children Timma Jagapathi and Balabhadra Jagapathi ruled the Peddapuram Estate. From 1791 to 1804 the estate was ruled by Sri Vatsavai Raya Jagapathi.One of the prince of this dynasty got separated from here and started ruling an independent kingdom named as kottam estate ,and their generation never came back ,they got settled over there, and they ruled till the end of princely states

By the time of 1785 the Peddapuram Estate extended from Thotapalli to Nagaram encompassing 585 villages and towns. During British rule Sri Raya Jagapathi was chosen to take over the estate in 1802. After Sri Raya Jagapathi’s death, the three Wives Lakshmi Narasayyamma, Buchi Seethayyamma and Buchi Bangarayyamma, ruled the estate in succession. Raya Jaggapathi's widow Buchi Seethayyamma, ruled from 1828-1835. She founded two trusts for the poor, one in Peddapuram and another in Kathipudi. Even today the poor are fed for free twice a day.

With no heir, the Peddapuram  estate was briefly ruled by Sri Suryanarayan Jagapathi Bahadhur until 1847, when it was taken over completely by the British East India Company and made the town a revenue division and built the Munsif court and a Lutheran High School.


The Vatsavai Maharaja’s patronized poets such as Enugula Lakshmana Kavi and Vedula Satyanarayana Sastry .

 Peddapuram Pandavula Metta is located in Peddapuram and has a mythical history. You can find some ancient caves with the supposed footprints of Bheema (Pandavas

Peddapuram maridamma temple:

peddapuram maridamma temple

 Peddapuram Maridamma temple is located in Peddapuram taluk in East Godavari district. Maridamma festival is celebrated for thirty-one days from the Amavasya in the month of Jyeshtha to the Amavasya in the month of Ashadha. Thousands congregate with dances like kolatoms and display physical feats and skills with sticks. They also revel in music, dance drumming, garaga dances, processions and other communal activities. A wide variety of house hold articles are sold in the fair held during the festival. Cycle races, cattle shows, parrot circuses and agricultural exhibitions are also held here. 'Kumbham' is carried in decorated vessels, kept in open carts. Sometimes men and women dressed to resemble those personages stand on the carts. These carts are taken in procession to the temple to the accompaniment of music and dance and offered to the God, then food is distributed as 'prasadam'.

Maridamma Festival(jathara) is held in the Maridamma temple, in Peddapuram taluk in East Godavari district. Celebrated for thirty-one days from the Amavasya in the month of Jyeshtha to the Amavasya in the month of Ashadha, this Andhra Pradesh temple festival also hosts dances like kolatoms and display physical feats and skills with sticks.

Pandavula metta:

pandavulametta hills

Sri Suryanarayana Swami Temple, Pandavula Metta

pandavulametta suryanarayana swamy temple

The Temple is located at a distance of 22 Kms from Kakinada, 45 Kms from Rajahmundry and 85 Kms from Amalapuram. Sakuni who lost his kingdom and who lost his father in the Yuga of Dwapara wanted to take revenge against Kuru race kings. So that he entered the kingdom of Duryodhana as his uncle. Sakuni was a scholar in Numerology. He captivated the heart of Duryodhana with his pleasant words. In fact Sakuni's main aim was to ruin Kourava and Pandava people totally.

One day Duryodhana invited the Pandava brothers to participate in gambling. Sakuni had a spiritual power of his father. The both parties started the gambling, but with the spiritual power of the Sakuni's father Duryodhana got victory. According to the game rule Pandava brothers should leave their Kingdom for 12 years and spend 1 year unknowingly. Totally the period should be 13 years. So Pandava brothers left their kingdom and started to visit several places in India. On their way to Rameswaram they stayed some years in Peddapuram on a hill, which was located in between Bay of Bengal and the river Godavari.

The hill was in a Jungle. Only Koya people were there. Because Addateegala, Rajavommangi and Peddapuram were the main places of Koya people.

The Pandava brothers arranged a tunnel way to Rajahmundry from this hill through which tunnel they used to have river bath. This hill was named after their name.

pandavulametta caves

"PANDAVULA METTA" till today we can find Pandava names and Draupathi names in Koya people. The entrance of the tunnel is there today. The rest of the tunnel was disturbed in the Yuga changes. After some time they left the hill for Rameswaram. The hill is there today. People constructed temple on the hill and arranged the steps to the hill also.

There was a small village near to this hill in those days. In the Yuga of Kaliyuga 1450 BC. One man named, Peddapatrudu occupied the place and ruled that place. He constructed a fort. People named that place as "PEDDAPURAM". The fort constructed in 38 Acres. Later Vatsavaya kings occupied the village and started their ruling. From 1714 BC. to 1694 BC. was ruled by Sri Raja Vatsavaya Kala Thimma Jagapathi Bagadhoor. His father's name was Vudhanda Raya Jagapathi. In those days the Delhi rulers arranged one representative. His name was Nizam.

After running of Delhi rulers, the representative declared self - ruling. He arranged Mr. Anwarudhin as his representative to collect revenue from Godavari District. Mr. Anwarudhin appointed a person named Mr. Rusthum Khan as his assistant.

One day Mr. Rusthum Khan came to Peddapuram, stayed on the Pandavula Metta, and invited the Peddapuram rulers to have a good talk. Mrs Ragavamma sent her three sons with small escorts to meet Mr.Rusthum Khan. Mr. Rusthum Khan welcomed to his room and very next month he killed the three brothers with sword. The news came to Mrs. Ragavamma garu. She sent her only one grand son to Vijayanagaram and closed the fort gates. She asked the every women of the fort to come to the gun powder room and closed the room doors include her. Their faithful servant Mr. Challa Pedda fired the room the total women of the fort were burnt in that fire.

In those days there was Rushi culture and traditions in that jungle area. Sri Chaya, Padmini, Prabha, Prajna Devi, sametha Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Vari temple was planned and constructed by Sri Saluri Venkata Subbarao garu, hailed as Raja Yogi and pancha Pranavananda in the year 1952 and has a history of five decades. The temple and Sanctum sanctorum is on the hill top, popularly known as Pandavula Metta.

In those days, it was very isolated surrounded by palm trees and thorny bushes. Sri Salluri Subbarao carried the work single handedly and cleared the area for construction of the temple and planted a number of tree plants. Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Varu, the main deity or Archamurty of the temple faces the East and rising sun from Bay of Bengal which is just 22 Km away.

During these five decades, the temple became Panchayatana, Navagraha, Sri Suryana Swamy vari devastanam. Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Siva, Lord Sri Venkateswara, Sri Gayatri Matha and Hill Goddess from the five deities of the panchayatana order besides the Navagrahas. Lord Sri Valli sametha Sri Subramanyeswara Swamy vari temple is in the North-West side of the temple.

Pandava Caves

There are also two natural caves on the hill facing East . It is widely believed that the Pandavas of Epic Mahabharatha lived here for some time during their 'Aranyavasa'. "Bheemunipadalu' (prints of Bheema's feet, the second brother of Pandavas) can be seen on a hill rock behind the temple. It is also believed that there is tunnel from this place to Rajahmundry.

One has to cover 108 steps to reach the temple on this hill/Metta Recently, a very good motorable road was laid by the Government to reach the police Repeater station and the temple. The height of Pandavula Metta is about 200 Feet. Hence, one can experience excellent sea breeze in all seasons. The sea (Bay of Bengal) is just 22 Km away. The area around the temple is surrounded by mango, plam and other trees and Tapioca plantation giving well laid green carpet beside the serene beauty and sanctity of the deity. As the temple is in the hands of private persons, not run by Endowments Department, the development is slow, and facilities provided to pilgrims are meager.

A visitor to this Metta can also plan a small trip engaging a Taxi / Auto at a rate just Rs.100-150/- and can also see the following Ancient temples

1. Sri Maridammavari temple, Sri Sivalayam / Sri Venkateswara Temple 1Km away from Peddapuram

2. Sri Nokalamma Vari Temple Kandrakota Village Peddapuram Mandal 8 Km.

3. Sri Sringara Vallabha Swami Vari Temple Tirupathi village Peddapuram Mandal. 11 Km from Peddapuram, 3 Km from Kandrakota.

4. Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vari Temple (hailed as the Asia's highest Anjaneya Swamy Vari Statue (52 ft.), run by Kanchi Sringeri Peetham). Between Samlakot and Peddapuram 4 Km.

The distance is given from Peddapuram town. The route is Peddapuram - Kandrakota, Tirupathi (via Marlava), Samalakota (via Divili), Peddapuram. A visitor will certainly enjoy the trip and can have a darshan of these age - old temples.


Radha Saptami, which falls on "Magha Sudda Saptami" in the month of February.

Subramanya Shashti which falls on "Margasira Shudda Shashti' during November / December".

Apart from that a number of devotees visit the temple on every Sunday and offer prayers.


There is no facilities of accommodation for over night stay on the hill top / Metta as the temple is run by a private individuals and not by Endowment Department. The temple and the Archakas are surviving on the contributions given by the pilgrims.

There is a "Guest House" adjacent to the police wireless repeater station only meant for occasionally visiting officials and not for others. However, there are excellent and affordable lodging facilities are available in Peddapuram Town.

Temple Authorities:

Person In-Charge

Sri Suryanarayana Swami temple,

Pandavula Metta


Peddapuram Mandal

East Godavari District.PIN 533 437


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