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Sri Andhra Shirdi Saibaba Mandiram_ Balabhadrapuram,EG dist(andhra shirdi)

This temple is also called as andhra shirdi.This saibaba temple is located in balabadrapuram village in biccavolu mandal beside of canal road,six kilometers far from anaparthy.

about the balabhadrapuram shirdi saibaba temple (andhra shirdi) :

balabhadrapuram shirdi sai baba temple

Andhra Shirdi Sainath Temple is located in a small and prosperous village Balabhadrapuram in Bikkavolu Mandal of East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. The Baba statue was laid on 17th February 2004 and till now we have completed 5 years and we are successfully entering into the sixth year. With the blessings of Lord Sainath we have spent Rs.2.50 crores on this temple and ready to spend another Rs.2 crores for the development and make the temple one of the most sacred places in the country.

Sri Andhra Shirdi Saibaba Mandiram_ Balabhadrapuram,EG dist
                                               Sri Andhra Shirdi Saibaba Mandiram_ Balabhadrapuram,EG dist

Our strong belief is construction of temple and Pratishta of the Sai baba statue has all happened with the blessings and miracle of Baba only. When committee members went to Jaipur to bring Sai’s statue from there, one Additional SP Sri Dwarampudi Satyanarayana Reddy, who is known to one of our committee members helped a lot in choosing beautiful marbal statue of Swami Shirdi Sainath. Committee members along with Satyanarayana Reddy couple took Baba’ statue along with them to Shirdi in a van and performed Abhishekams, Archanas and Poojas by Shirdi Baba temple priests to our statue. Then, the Baba statue was brought here with grand rally and 100 devotees put Sai Mala to participate in `Vigraha Pratishta’ (Laying ceremony of Lord Baba). With only Rs.27 receipt the temple committee collected Rs.8 lakhs and also asked the devotees to write Sai Koti. Both the receipts and Sai Koti books were kept beneath the statue during Vigraha Pratishta.

The uniqueness of the temple is that, in the premises of Baba temple Paddy has been grown which is 50 year old and Lotus flowers are developed which are heartfelt by Goddess Lakshmi Devi. In Dhyana Mandir of the temple, you can witness the Baba statue in a realistic mood and there is a rosewood swinger for Baba to take rest in the night. There is a Palkin, Chariot in the temple.

Another unique feature of this temple is, like Arasavelli Surya Deva Temple, the sun race also touches the statue of Baba in early in the morning and hundreds of devotees come and witness this auspicious scene early in the morning. But from February 13th to 17th only the Sun race will focus on the Baba’s statue from top to bottom. This uniqueness is a coincidence that Baba’s statue was erected on the same dates in the temple.

Weighing system (Tulabharam) in Baba Temple (andhra shirdi):

The temple committee introduced weighing system (tulabharam) on the lines of Udipi Sri Krishna Temple. Those who want to fulfill their long cherishing wishes, they will perform this Tulabharam in the temple. After fulfilling their wish, elders will weigh with 100 kgs sugar and 110 kg Jaggery and for children 10 to 18 varieties of pulses. One of the couples had `Vibhoothi’ (ash) from Baba’s Dhuni (camp fire) and had male child. With happiness and fulfilling the wish, they kept the baby in weighing machine and 2, 125 silver was donated to the temple. One un-known devotee dropped 100 grams Gold biscuit and some devotees given their first salaries from Rs.10 thosuand to Rs.1 lakh to Baba.

The Committee decided to order for Golden Turban (Kiritam) with Rs.18 lakhs, Dining hall, Sri Venkateswara or Goddess Saraswati temple on the top of the Sai’s temple, Old-age, scholarships for students, Veda Patasala, preparing West side road to see that four roads will be prepared for performing Chariot Festival on the lines of Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swai in four Mada Streets.

So the Committee appeals every devotee of Shirdi Sai Maharaj to have a darshan of Bhalabhadrapuram Andhra Shirdi Sai Temple and live happy and prosperously. It is going to be a memorable moment in your life if once you have a darshan of Baba here.

Historic background of the temple(andhra shirdi):

The historic background of the temple is quite interesting. S. Veera Venkata Krishna Purushothama Reddy and his wife Anasuya were going to Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Dowleswaram, about 30 kms from Bhalabhadrapuram on every Thursday to perform Abhishekham with milk to Baba. Then he got an idea, instead of coming to this much distance why don’t we have a temple of Baba in our village itself. He met 10 to 15 of his friends and moved his proposal of constructing Baba temple with Rs.15 to 20 lakhs. They met Sri S.L. Kanaka Raju Guruswami, who is founder of Andhra Sabarimala temple in Dwarapudi to tell about their proposal. He readily agreed for the proposal.

The foundation was laid on 20th February 2003 at 8.06 a.m. by then Anaparti MLA Nallamilli Moola Reddy and Satyavati. The beautiful temple with all the amenities was completed on 17 February 2008 at 8.18 am on Thursday. Sri Sri Sri Swami Satya Sadananda Prabhuji, Founder of Sri Saidhamam Sevasramam completed erection of state as inauguration of the temple.
Details of puja:

The ceremony of temple will be done in admirable way annually on 17th February and anadanam will be done on that advantageous break in Andhra Shirdi temple.

Sri Rajarajeswari Swaroop Sri Chakra Goddess temple is in the bounds of Andhra Shirdi temple in which every Friday, Abounding moon day (Pournima) and during Sarannavaratri (Dasara) appropriate poojas will be performed.


On the break of Gurupournima and Datta Jayanti appropriate pooja, Abhishekams will be performed to both Baba and Dattatreya Swami.

The temple committed has fabricated a accouterment to the admirers to accomplish approved pooja to Andhra Shirdi Sai on all the 365 day on their Gotra, Namam by advantageous Rs.600 per annum or Rs.60 per month. In the case of Sri Rajarajeswari Swaroop Sri Chakra Amma Goddess, appropriate poojas will be done on all 12 abounding moon canicule (Pournimas) by advantageous Rs.500 per annum.

Satya Sai Vratham is important pooja for Andhra Shirdi Sai for which board is absitively to aggregate alone Rs.50 from addict for one vratham.

About annadhanam in balabhadrapuram shirdi saibaba temple (andhra shirdi):

On every Thursday there would be anadanam for devotees from 500 to thousand and on every full moon day (Pournima) 500 will be fed by the temple committee. Anadanam will be arranged on Guru Pournima and Karthika Pournima days along with 25 to 30 thousand will get Baba prasadam (meal) on temple anniversary which falls on 17th February. Devotees are coming forward to pay Rs.1000 and above towards Annadanam scheme and temple committee is depositing the same in the bank and the interest on that amount is spending on mass anadanam function.

The temple committee is planning to start Nity Annadana Pathakam (daily anadanam scheme) through which devotee can choose any day of his choice to feed under this scheme.

 About Prasadam in balabhadrapuram shirdi saibaba temple (andhra shirdi) :

On the lines of Tirumala Venkateswara Swami temple Laddu, Andhra Shirdi Sai temple is also offering Laddu of 100 grams for Rs.10. This temple is the first temple to sell Vegetable Biryani with 500 grams for Rs.40 and most of the devotees take this prasadam to their relatives in far off places from this temple. All the amounts coming through the sale of prasadams will be deposited in the bank and the interest will be spent on anadanam. Till now Rs.5 lakhs were collected through sale of prasadams.

Temple authorities of balabhadrapuram shirdi saibaba temple (andhra shirdi) contact ph nos:


Canal Road, Balabhadrapuram,

E. G. Dt., Andhra Pradesh,


Ph: 08857 - 236114, 98496 66377.

Accomidation in balabhadrapuram shirdi saibaba temple (andhra shirdi):

                         In anaparthi there are 3 lodges.That is the only accomidation for balabhadrapuram shirdi saibaba temple.

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